Community Action

Enfield Dementia Action Alliance (EDAA)

The aim of the EDAA is to make Enfield a Dementia Friendly Community.

EAWA is a member of the EDAA, and our goals have been:

  • Raising Awareness about Dementia by bringing a play to Enfield Borough about Dementia. Our Aim was to help to dissolve Social Barriers through the play’s Award Winning content. This year we have successfully staged the play at two major local events.
  • Engage Local Supermarkets to be a part of the EDAA or for them to ‘Make shopping a Dementia Friendly Experience’. EAWA has been in contact with a few major supermarkets, and we hope that they will take on this challenge. We have not yet achieved in this aim, but we will persist with this goal.
  • Work with Local Groups to assist in creation of services for people with Dementia and their Carers:
    • a) EAWA has a monthly Memorable Melodies group for people with Dementia and their Carers.
    • b) EAWA is actively seeking to further work in the community.