OM Chanting

What is OM Chanting?

A powerful group healing technique from Sri Swami Vishwananda and Mahavatar Babaji for the modern age. By chanting OM within a specifically arranged group of people, the power of OM is enhanced and amplified, bringing about healing for ourselves and humanity.

Benefits of OM Chanting

• Inner peace, mental clarity, emotional freedom and better health – healing the body, mind and spirit
• Releases negative emotions, thoughts and energy
• Uplifts one, bringing joy and love into one’s life
• Creates a harmonious and peaceful environment and unity between humans and nature
• Enhances yoga and meditation practices

Why is OM Chanting so Powerful?

OM is the primordial and highest sound or vibration, the source of all other sounds. When there is illness (imbalances in the body’s vibration), OM as the highest vibration can be used to heal the body. Many people have powerful experiences during OM Healing.

How OM Chanting Works

By chanting the sound of OM within a specific circle of people, healing processes are amplified through aligning the different vibrations in our body. This vibration is beneficial for the participants and also other people, places and the environment. Bottles of water brought into the OM Chanting circle are transformed with the same energy and can be taken away as Healing Water. There are over 1,000 OM Chanting circles in 50 countries around the world today.

Cities of Light

This is an initiative to bring OM Chanting to every major city in the world. We want to have a positive impact on our world and allow millions of lives to shine with light, health, love and positivity. Please enquire how you can learn to lead an OM Chanting circle yourself.

DATE: Every Thursday except the 3rd Thursday of each month
VENUE: Wheatsheaf Hall, Main Avenue, Bush Hill Park, EN1 1DS
TIME: 11.15 am – 12.15 pm
WHAT TO BRING: A bottle of water
CONTACT: Chetna Shah 0208 443 1197
COST: Free or Donation £2

Christmas Closures

Will be open on 20th December 2018 and Reopen on 10th January 2019
Will be closed on 27th December 2018 and 3rd January 2019