Our Mission is:

To support, empower, and enrich the lives of Older Members in the Community.

Our Vision is:

To be a trusted and valued First Choice Provider of Inclusive services that creates an inspiring, positive, impact in the community.

Our Objectives are:

To alleviate isolation, we:

  1. Deliver appropriate facilities with qualified staff.
  2. Deliver leisure activities and recreational pursuits.
  3. Deliver educational activities that improve access to information and learning.
  4. Deliver activities which promote health, well-being and improve quality of life.

Through the provision of our services, we seek to enhance the lives of elderly people/the local community and their carers/families within the London Borough of Enfield and surrounding Boroughs who have need for such facilities by reason of age, infirmity, disablement or social isolation.


Our Management Style is consultative.

On a personal level Service Users have a care pathway which covers all stages from initial enquiry to that of being a regular at the EAWA day centre. This is updated in line with their needs and is an ongoing process.

On an operational level our day centre service users engage in Quarterly Forums at which they discuss the quality of EAWA’s service provision and the range of services being offered.

In addition to this we have an Advisory Committee which is made up of Service Users and is elected by them annually. The Advisory Committee may liaise with our Management Board if they are not satisfied with EAWA services, staff or the responses from the Managers entrusted to help them.

All our services are personalised because we consult our services users about services that will directly affect them, or changes that need to be made.


We are a caring and supportive organisation, welcoming, friendly, professional and we behave with integrity at all times.

Our Values as Individuals are:

  • We care for our community, are compassionate, polite and help the vulnerable
  • We are honest, trustworthy, loyal and passionately believe in what we do

Our Community Values are:

  • We are respected for our professionalism, work with integrity and always look after our clients’ interests first
  • We are non-discriminatory and deliver services that make a difference to our clients over the long term

Our Team Values are:

  • We work as a team, are hardworking, supportive and share our knowledge
  • We demonstrate flexibility & adaptability to provide the best service for our clients
  • We listen to each other, consider everyone’s opinions and always communicate with each other
  • We are loyal, strive to do our best, respecting each others’ views and deliver what we commit to

Quality is essential to EAWA

    • EAWA is an ISO9001 accredited organisation
    • EAWA was an Investors in People accredited organisation for nine years until July 2017


    • EAWA has been complimented at an inspection as being a ‘Caring Organisation’


  • EAWA believes that its staff are its key assets. It invests in training to build confidence, enhance performance and motivate to deliver its services at the highest level.