Day Care Centre

The Day Care Centre is for Asian Elderly People with disability and long term conditions.

  • Age 50 plus, depending on certain criteria
  • For both men and women
  • Open to the South Asian Community

Our ideal client for our Day Care Centre is one who may need help, being from a Social Services substantial category, e.g. have had a stroke, Parkinson’s, heart problem, mobility impairment etc. or have a condition that would prevent them having a good quality of life. We also offer day care to people with dementia, and target carers of older people as above so that they can get respite.

Please click on the headings below for more information about the Day Care Centre:

Home Visits
  1. We provide a mini introduction about who we are, what we do, how we work, how to become a member etc.
  2. We fill in an assessment form to help us understand who you are, what help you need to access and spend time at our Day Care Centre, and what you want to achieve with us.
  3. We also discuss mobility, equipment, transport, how to access Social Services & what other services in Enfield may help you or your carer(s).
Living Independently
  1. Helping with Equipment Needs: When we visit, if you need equipment for daily living we will refer you to the relevant agencies.
  2. Once you start attending the Day Centre, you may find that some of our equipment helps your mobility. If so, we will help you access this by referring you to the relevant agencies.
  3. We provide tailored support for EAWA clients: You may need to access Social Services, need help with joining Dial a Ride, need to access other professionals, e.g. GP, optician etc.

At EAWA we make you aware of Local Council Consultations and encourage you to engage, e.g. on services for dementia, stroke, personalisation etc.

Health Improvement

EAWA promotes well-being and aims to improve health, with qualified tutors and therapists who provide:

  • Gentle Yoga and chair based exercises
  • Complementary therapies (like Indian head massage & reflexology) to help with relaxation, improve circulation and help in sleeping better
  • Toenail cutting & trimming to keep feet in good condition
  • Health Workshops in which we discuss healthy eating, acupressure etc.
Personalised Transportation

EAWA owns a Mini Bus, and uses Dial a Ride.

The EAWA Mini Bus collects the more vulnerable clients, and Dial a Ride, which has the latest vehicles, accommodates for the more tailored needs of certain clients, e.g. some of our wheelchair users come in specialised vehicles. Additionally, Dial a Ride can reach different areas of Enfield with numerous buses, meaning that the journey time is reduced.

Finally, non English speaking clients have been introduced to Dial a Ride with our help, making it more accessible.


At EAWA we have a diverse range of clients, all of whom live in Enfield and surrounding Boroughs.

We find new friendships are formed and in the main, if you are not getting out much, EAWA provides a safe environment in which to meet people on a regular basis.

Hot Meals

Full vegetarian lunch. On all days we provide, for example:

  • A soup (Dal, Mung Dal, Kadhi)
  • Rice (Plain, Pilau, Khichardi, with Jeera etc.)
  • A vegetable curry (Dudhi, Valor and Aubergine, Potato with a vegetable etc.)
  • An Indian flat bread (Chapatti, Puri, Paratha etc.)
  • A savoury dish (Kachori, Mixed Bhajia, Dhokla etc.)

One a week we have a dessert (Gulab Jamun, Boondi (bundi) etc.)

The menu is different each week, and sometimes we have Dal Dhokli, Idli Sambhar etc. with accompaniments.

Leisure Activities

We have regular flower arranging classes with fresh or dried flowers; we arrange four outings a year; we have a Christmas and Diwali/Eid party; we celebrate our members’ birthdays, and some of them like playing cards and antakshari (singing competition).


If you are looking for a place for your parent, partner or family member, to spend time during the day, so that you can have a break from caring, then please feel free to Contact Us. We offer a trial visit, so that you can see our Day Centre. You can then decide if you wish to proceed with a placement with us. Please see our example of a typical day below, as this will give you an idea of what to expect. Respite allows you time for resting, shopping, doing ‘other things’ like recreation or taking up exercise etc.

Proven Benefits

Please click here to read more about the proven benefits of Day Centres for older people
(Research study undertaken 2014-2017 PDF format)

A Typical Day

  • Arrive at Day Centre in the morning
  • Tea / Coffee & Biscuits 10.00am – 10.30am
  • Activities: Yoga, Flower Arranging, Health Workshop, Seated Qi Gong/Tai Chi
  • Information Surgeries
    • e.g. talks by external speakers: Doctors / Other Professionals
  • Indian Head Massage, Reflexology (Rota Basis)
  • Full Vegetarian Lunch 12.30pm – 1.00pm
  • Free Time for Socialising: Board Games, Singing, Activities using iPad, Knitting etc.
  • Monthly Toenail Cutting & Trimming (Rota Basis)
  • Return home in the afternoon

Annual Services

  • 4 Outings in Summer
  • Diwali / Eid and AGM
  • Christmas Party