Dear Sirs

The EAWA day centre at Bush Hill Park, Enfield has made a huge difference in my mother in law. She has been very happy ever since she joined around a year ago.
In the morning she may not be feeling well but after she comes back from the day centre she is a different person. She talks about all the activities she participated in and feels very proud of her achievements.

All the staff are very gentle and caring and she feels totally at ease when she is at the day centre. The staff involve her in organising events particularly in deciding what food she likes! She is encouraged to do different things and has opened up her mind.

She has learnt a lot from the talks by various professionals and shares useful information with the family. She particularly enjoys the yoga and massage.

We feel that the day centre has changed my mother in laws outlook and has expanded her knowledge.

Kind regards,

Alpa Shah, Carer to Maniben Shah

After the demise of my husband, I felt very lonely at home, so I joined a day care centre known as Enfield Asian Welfare Association (EAWA). I started liking it. The staff over there are very friendly, caring, and very helpful. I have made new friends.The day begins with tea, coffee and biscuits in the morning and around 12.30pm they give us lunch. We have different activities every week like yoga, exercise, reflexology, head massage, nail cutting service, flower arranging, drawing and colouring. Sometimes we have educational talks on different subjects. During the summer we have day trips to interesting places or lunch at a restaurant which we all like very much. We have parties for Diwali/Eid and Christmas and we have lots of fun. I really look forward to going to the Day Centre each week.

Mrs Chandrika Bakrania

EAWA has looked after my mother for more than ten years and currently it is looking after my Mother-in-Law also for more than ten years.

1. The staff have been well trained and go through annual appraisals and training and retraining. All the staff are of very long service with EAWA, are happy and communicate happiness to the users.

2. The Staff are kind and caring and really look after the needs of the service users.

3. They can communicate with the Service users in their own language.

4. They are totally aware of the Cultural needs of the Service users and treat them with respect and dignity.

5. There is annual election of three members among the service users who are nominated to liaise with the Board and make representations to them and express service users views on relevant matters.

6. The administration is well educated and aware of the statutory requirements and are constantly involved in constant dialogue with the Council and its staff.

7. It has a very strong Chief Executive Officers who is totally dedicated to serve the Community and the service users.

8. The Board is very Independent and has a variety of professional Board members with the requisite knowledge. The Board members are elected regularly at the Annual General meeting.

Mr Champak Mistry

I get company here. There are good exercises. I enjoy the food. If I stay at home it’s depressing. I meet lots of people by coming out. Staff are very helpful. We can discuss our problems. I live out of Enfield – but wish I lived closer.

Mrs Asha Ingles

We meet people, talk and help each other. I teach people how to knit cardigans. I have access to massages and exercises, which I like. I feel for the other people who attend the day centre. We are taken out on outings and are happy. All the staff are good and help us a lot. They sit with us and spend time with us.

Mrs Taraben Darji

I like it here – it’s fun.

Mrs Savitaben Patel

It’s good to meet people – better than 4 walls – after 3pm I am alone and it’s not nice.

Mrs Dhanlaxmi Shah

Being at the Day Care Centre improves my memory.

Mrs Dhanlaxmi Shah

We get activities and nicely spend time here. We do many activities – yoga, massage etc.

Mrs Kantaben Patel

We are well looked after. Staff are very helpful. It feels good at the day centre and we are happy here.

Mrs Parvatiben Mistry

I like everyone and meet people.

Mrs A Begum

I am a member of EAWA since last fourteen years. I live alone and I feel isolated which may make me go into depression. I enjoy all the activities we do at EAWA, like yoga, health workshops, chair-based exercises, flower arranging, etc. I also enjoy the therapies that they offer to us like reflexology, Indian head massage, pedicure etc. The hot lunch served is also excellent and last but not least the management and staff (care workers) are most wonderful.

Mrs Chandrakala Shah

EAWA came to the attention of our family in mid-2014 through a close family friend, Mrs Shobhana Patel who worked at the Day Centre. Shobhana suggested it as an ideal place for both our parents when our father was still alive, and following a brief telephone chat, we arranged for a trial day for both parents in October 2014. Alas, our father’s health had already started deteriorating so we were unable to follow through with EAWA at that time. Soon after our father passed away in December 2014, we recommenced dialogue with EAWA through Enfield Council and from the end of February 2015, Mum started attending once a week.

The impact was immediate. Within a mere few weeks, it was clear that attendance at EAWA, the activities on offer and engagement with fellow Asians of similar age and abilities was helping Mum deal with her grief as well as a valuable mechanism to regain independence and retain physical and mental well-being. Before onset of Summer 2015, the Council agreed to increase the allowance to 2 days weekly and before the Autumn, to 3 days a week. The benefit of EAWA to Mum’s health was an important element in the decision and compelling for the Council to consider.

Mum’s attendance at EAWA throughout 2015 was a significant factor in her capacity and alertness levels. It readily was the best decision we as a family made for mum in 2015. The challenge beyond was to determine the best solution to address her physical mobility and capacity levels in future and rehousing in a care home was the most logical solution. As the ideal home to address all her needs was outside Enfield, it was with a great sense of regret that Mum departed company with EAWA – she retains fond memories of strong bonds that she forged there.

If you are looking for a Day Centre for an elderly Asian relative in Enfield, there is nowhere better than EAWA who can make a difference.

Mr Rajesh Jani